Check out all our fabulous testimonials for Left Coast Culture! 

"The term “vegan cheese” does not adequately describe the delights of Left Coast Culture! “Vegan cheese” typically describes a suspicious substance with some mildly cheese-like features,  a substance that can barely merit the label of “cheese” but can definitely claim “vegan” as nobody else would be desperate enough to consider its consumption! Left Coast Culture “cheese” on the other hand has all the good features of real cheese in terms of both taste and texture. It is not a “perfect” clone of real dairy cheese,  but the differences are subtle and pleasant;  features, as opposed to shortcomings! As someone who is not vegan,  and loves “real” cheese,  I have greatly enjoyed a selection of the cheeses and have accidentally demolished an entire block in one sitting. It is a great product in it’s own right,  rather than just a poor substitute for the real thing.  I therefore suggest instead of being marketed as “vegan cheese” and depriving the general population who will look past it,  it should be renamed “Vegan, vegitarian,  pescitarian, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, cannibal and basically-anyone-who-doesnt-have-a-nut-allergy cheese”! This will require larger labels,  and therefore larger blocks of cheese on which to put the labels,  but I’m sure nobody will complain about that!" 
- Alasdair Crawford

"The most delicious cheese alternatives. They beat supermarket brands hands down."
- Hannah Sutherland

"Best vegan cheese I have ever tasted the garlic one is die for."
- Karena Allanson
"Their cream cheese is the best vegan cream cheese I’ve ever eaten, particularly the garlic and onion one. Its utterly fantastic and if I wasn’t being restrained I could eat it with a spoon!"
- Megan Rose Thomas
"The best vegan cheeses I have found. They are just so yummy and don’t last long in my house."
- Katriona Beaton

"By far the most amazing vegan cheese I have tried!! The brie melts and bubbles beautifully when baked in the oven and I’ve not cooked with the cheddar spread yet but tried a wee bit out the tub and it was amazing!! Feel like it would make fab toasties or mac and cheese Such a good quality cheese and was approved by my non-vegan parents who loved it too!!!"
- Celine Skinner

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